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We gather the information and stories that are happening in and to the internet world and give you the shorter clearer versions on how it is or will be affecting your business on line and off.
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About Us

A little background on us personally. We (Roy & Gail) have a servant’s heart and we have been blessed to be able to take that passion and help others in more ways than just maneuvering the internet. We have been FPU Coordinators since 2003 and will begin our 27th class in Fall of 2016. We have served as volunteers for Dave Ramsey’s FPU and EntreLeadership Live Events all over Texas last count was around 15 or 20. We have a lot of t-shirts. Besides being involved with our church we are also very involved with our community. I am (Gail) is currently serving on The Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce board and this year serving in the Vice Chair of Membership position. I am also serving on the board of Tomball Business & Professional Women besides a great networking group we raise money for scholarships for girls graduating high school and for women in need. Roy and I both serve on the board of Network Texas a networking group we have helped to build over the years. Now on what took us from Roy being a commercial airline pilot and myself an office manager over a data center to KartHost.

How Did “KartHost” Begin?

We didn’t begin with a career of hosting websites in mind. Instead, we started out by volunteering in the late 90’s at one of our local kart racing club, we were them members of, by maintaining the club’s website. You guessed it. It didn’t take long for word to travel between the kart clubs and tracks, and before we knew it, we were ‘volunteering’ at other kart clubs and tracks by updating their websites and maintaining their web hosting for their sites too.

At that time, their web hosting was scattered among various companies throughout the country, which made maintaining these websites difficult & inefficient. In early 2000, through an acquaintance, we found a solution from EV1 (Everyone’s Internet).  This allowed us to lease a single Cobalt server that could house all of their websites in one place efficiently.

We presented our consolidated solution to the kart clubs and tracks asking if they would allow us to move their sites and pay us what they were paying their hosts. They said YES!  This offer allowed us to lease the website server and leave enough money left over for us to start our own debt free business. We were elated that someone was going to pay us to do something we really enjoyed doing. What a concept getting Paid for our passion!

Because of our karting beginnings we wanted our name to reflect that legacy and it also needed to tell something of what we are doing. Our first name, The Kart Company, didn’t really say what we did and in 2004 we shortened it to an 8-digit domain and added what we do KartHost and where we originated from, KartHost.

Fast forward to 2016, a LOT has changed in web hosting, today is nothing like it was back in early 2000. With our state of the art cloud servers, Nginx, PHP-FPM, SSD drives, CDN’s, Anti-Spam, WordPress, blogging and so much more. KartHost is a woman-owned company that services entrepreneurs from as small as one to companies with hundreds of employees all spanning a variety of industries.

We partner with top class companies like Total Server Solutions on our build out of our cloud servers and WordPress optimized servers, other partners like Rackspace we partner with our email solutions and which Roy is part of the Email Advisory Board. We take security seriously here at KartHost and one reason Sucuri is one of our Partners and other companies like Resellerclub and Sonian are the ingredients that make up our products & services so we can deliver best possible solutions and services. And of course we wrap all this with our Kartnatical Support.

Customers have the peace of mind knowing our website servers are located in secure, world-class data centers. Through our support ticketing system, our technicians are on-call 24/7/365 for our customers providing them with “Kartnatical” support. Additionally, for those times when you just need a little DIY help, we have an extensive knowledge base available to you with video instructions with some even narrated by Roy in his fabulous DJ-trained voice.

KartHost’s Mission Statement

We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and all the people touched by it. We help businesses keep their spirit and passion focused on their business while we create, maintain and protect critical parts of their digital footprint, their websites, domain names and emails.”

KartHost’s Value Statement



Security & Latest Internet Happenings

We gather the information and stories that are happening in and to the internet world and give you the shorter clearer version on how it is or will be affecting your business on the internet.
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