Getting Started: The First Steps in Building Your Web Presence

dreamers who doWhat does your business have that no other business has? The answer should be simple. It has you and your passion. Don’t downplay this.


The very first – but extremely crucial – step in claiming your spot on the internet is registering your domain name. Good news! It takes less than 5 minutes.

If you do not know what type of business to start, or maybe you’re just not ready to start it yet, we would encourage you to register your personal name as a domain.  For example, if your name was Suzy Cadildahoper you would want to register If you  have a few ideas of what you would like register, check out our domain name suggestion tool to check availability, variations and more.

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Learn More about Privacy ProtectionPrivacy Protection and why you should purchase it at the same time you buy your domain name.


From there, start blogging using your own install of WordPress.


So what is blogging? Basically it’s sharing with the world your passion (yes and even failures). Through blogging, you will make connections and gain followers that either empathize with you or find your information, well informative . What you are doing is building your following…. your “tribe”, your Golden Email List. Check out our blog HERE

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Everyone wants to do business with people they know, like and trust and that is exactly what you will be accomplishing with your blog. Because you have spent the time building your following when you are ready to launch your business you will immediately have people to market to, those that already know and trust you.

Now that you have taken the time to build those relationships it will be an easier transition to introduce them to your new business idea, product or service.


Don’t forget about your email address you will use to correspond with your clients and vendors. Remember what is after the @ really does matter, but before the @ is anything you want it to be (and it matters too). Your email is another part of your branding where your domain name helps people’s conception of you as an established business and not a start up.

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Now you are ready to start! You now have the information you need to select your domain name and your email address and for us to install your copy of WordPress with your domain name.


EZWP BuilderCLICK HERE to buy EZWP Builder that includes the purchase of your Domain Name (1st year is on us). For more information CLICK HERE To order CLICK HERE Still have questions? Call us! 832-220-0040

Pat yourself on the back you have made it through to the other side and stepped into the world of the interweb.

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Amber Brown

I studied Journalism at Texas A&M, c/o 2005, where I wrote for the college newspaper, as well as the for the College of Architecture's various publications. Upon graduation, I owned a direct sales company and, as the author of my own webpage, press releases and overall public relations, I continuously realized the importance of building my company's brand and web presence. While I'm still learning the technical side of email, website building and web hosting, I have partnered with KartHost in order to bring Roy and Gail's extensive knowledge directly to you, making the information as relatable as possible.

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