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Houston We Have An Email Problem

 KartHost KloudEmail solves your email problems


Have you ever had one of THOSE days?



Get to work client calls missed important email because mailbox was full

  KloudEmail – Comes with 25 GB with Professional Mail or 100 GB storage space per mailbox with hosted Exchange 2013 service.


Can’t send client my attachment, file is too big.

  KloudEmail – Generous 50 MB attachment limits and Dropbox is integrated with Professional Mail


Great! Junk & spam email overload! Please make this spam email stop!

  KloudEmail – We don’t like spam either, it kills productivity. In order for us to stay one step ahead of the evolving spam threat, we are continuously updating our spam filtering system with a multilayer process that eliminates 98% of spam.


Free email service isn’t smart! What?!!

 KloudEmail can help you be smarter with your email because it.

  • Lets you promote your own domain name to help brand you or your business. As Wyatt Matters tells everyone, “What’s after the @ really does matter!”  
  • No promotional ads flashing in your face all the time.  
  • Keeps your emails and what you send to clients in a more secure and private environment.
  • Using your own domain name (also available at KartHost) promotes your website and business on all printed material and with every email that you send.


YEA!!! Week is over in car on my way home. Wait I feel like I have forgotten something. OH NO!! I didn’t finish the proposal email and send it before I left. Now where can I turn around?

KloudEmail offers an option that will allow you to view, receive, send your emails from any of your mobile devices. It is called Mobile Sync and can be turned on any or all of your mailboxes. If this happens (and it has to us already) all you have to do is open you email account on your smartphone go to the draft box open that unfinished email, complete it and hit send. Psst if you want to know when they read it just click the option for read receipt before sending. This is also included with our Exchange 2013 Services.


Let’s discuss your specific email needs, call us at 832-220-0040 or fill out the form below, and we will be in touch very soon.

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