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Don't Get Hacked

How Not To Get Hacked: 4 Things Hackers Don’t Like

By Amber Brown | Aug 8, 2017

From email attacks phishing for personal information to e-commerce attacks that extract credit card numbers and even ransomware attacks that hold your computer “hostage” until you pay the hacker to release your data – a hack is a hack. A recent survey by Manta found that 87% of small business owners did not feel they were at risk of…

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Results Get Found

How To List Your Home-Based Business Online & Get Found

By Amber Brown | Aug 4, 2017

Thanks to the internet, it’s no longer necessary to open a store front to reach customers. It’s the first place 4 out of 5 consumers turn to when looking for a business or product information. So how do you ensure your web based business is easily found on the web? Here are the first steps…

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Hostage Wire

Don’t Let Your Website Get Taken Hostage

By Amber Brown | Aug 4, 2017

“Hiring a web partner is an important decision.  When choosing the team that will handle your web presence,  you should ask yourself three things: Are they honest? Are they easily accessible? Do they really care about your business?” – Gail Randolph After 23 years of web presence, one of the most popular websites in the…

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Upgrade Your Browser Today

By Amber Brown | Jun 27, 2017

WordPress version 4.8 recently became available for download, and along with the newest release, came the announcement WordPress will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer (IE) versions 8, 9 & 10. While some capabilities will still be available to wp-admins working within these old browsers, new features and upgrades will no longer be available. That means…

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WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8 Is Here

By Amber Brown | Jun 19, 2017

WordPress 4.8 is now available for download or update. Code named Evans, in honor of William John “Bill” Evans, jazz pianist and composer, this version comes with 3 major features and several minor udpates. WHAT’S NEW? Link Updates: Editing links, or text around an existing link, just got a whole lot easier. WordPress 4.8 brings you link…

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KloudEmail FAQ

By Roy Randolph | May 10, 2017

The following are a few of the questions we hear and answer regularly. If your question is not listed be sure to either send us a note or submit a support ticket. What is Mobile Sync? Mobile Sync is a Microsoft Exchange technology that allows you to sync not only your emails, email folders,  but…

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Privacy Protection

Which of Your Passwords should be the Strongest and Securest?

By Gail Randolph | Apr 17, 2017

When you think of password security and which one you consider to be the most dangerous for a hacker to find, you most likely think: my online banking account, or my 401K retirement accounts or even my credit card accounts. But the password you should be the most diligent at protecting and making sure it…

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Encryption Lock

Secure vs. Encrypted Email: What’s The Difference?

By Roy Randolph | Apr 13, 2017

Keeping information private and secure on the world wide web has become an increasingly hot topic. With the CIA data breeches making global headline news, it goes to show you that no one is exempt from exposing their own personal information, their friend’s, family’s and even their client’s. The cyberattacks during the 2016 presidential election have…

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KartHost WP Plugin Praise: TinyPNG

By Amber Brown | Apr 13, 2017

With nearly 50,000 WordPress plugins (and counting), finding the right ones for your website/blog can sometimes seem daunting. While we haven’t had tried out every single plugin there is here at KartHost™, we do have the experience and eye to know a good plugin when we see one. We highly recommend TinyPNG as your one stop…

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