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KloudEmail Mobile Sync

Mobile Sync: How it can make You More Productive

With the proliferation of mobile devices most everyone wants the advantages to see and reply to their emails on all their mobile devices. If you are using KartHost KloudEmail the optional Mobile Sync service will allow you to do just that with the KloudEmail Professional Mail Webmail.

Side by side comparison: Mobile and Desktop

Synchronized Emails:

All Your Professional Mail Webmail email and email folders will sync with the latest email PUSH technology with all your mobile devices. Start an email and save as draft and then later open the draft on your mobile device while you’re on the go to finish it
and send.


When you add Contacts in Webmail, they will automatically be pushed to all your mobile devices using Mobile Sync. And if you add a contact on your mobile device it will automatically be pushed back to Webmail, all synced up, not only with Webmail but ALL devices!


Adding appointments to your calendar is a snap. When you do, and you have your calendar activated on your mobile device the appointment will show up with all the notes. If you are out and you add a Calendar appointment, your appointment will be “Pushed” back to Webmail and all your other devices as well.

FAQ Regarding Mobile Sync

What is a host?

According to Wikipedia:

“A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for other servers located in their data center, called colocation, also known as Housing in Latin America or France.’

If you want to hear the way we would explain it to you in person in terms easier to understand check out our blog “What is a Web Host?”

Can I use Outlook with Webmail?

While you can certainly use Outlook Email Manager to connect to your KloudEmail Professional Mail email mailbox the only thing you can sync using IMAP is your email and all email folders.

If you are a heavy user of Outlook, we recommend using our Hosted Exchange service where you can sync email, email folders, contacts, calendar events and tasks with Outlook and with all your mobile devices.

I am not ready for a web site, but understand I need to register my domain name and obtain professional business email service to use with my professional domain name.

No Problem, you can search for and register your domain name and order your KloudEmail service all at one time. And if you order our Domain Name Concierge Package we will get your domain name set to work with your new email and get your email mailbox(s) all set up for you.  Painless for you!

I plan on starting a business in the future, and understand I should register a domain name that reflects my business name, the product or service I intend to provide (or both). Will this lock in my domain so no one else is able to register it?

Yes, that is absolutely correct. If you already have an idea of the name of your business and/or the type of products or services you want to sell, do not wait on registering your domain name. Remember domain name registration is first come first serve. If someone else in the world has the same idea, they could register the domain name before you. Later when you are ready for a web site or use the domain name(s) for email service you can start those services at any time. Check out our domain name suggestion tool to help you choose a domain if you need help. Keep in mind there are 100’s of new. tlds (as an example .com, .org, .net are .tlds). Some of these new. .tlds are pretty specific, like if you have a dog service of some kind, you might want to register that domain as a .dog, YES! .dog is a new type of domain name, pretty cool huh?

Can I add a Calendar or Contact using my Mobile device?

Absolutely! That’s the whole purpose of Mobile Sync. If you add a Calendar Event or Contact in your phone or tablet once you have added it, it will be “pushed” up to your Contacts and Calendars in Webmail. This way you are ALWAYS synced no matter where you go.

I need to register a domain name, set up professional email for myself and/or business and I am ready for a web site that I can start building myself using a drag-n-drop page builder. Where do I start?

We have the perfect plan to get you started, check out our EZWP Builder WordPress complete package, you can order your domain name, your KloudEmail and your EZWP Builder package all in one. You can start having fun working on your web site with this WordPress drag and drop web site creator this evening complete with video tutorials.

Can I start an Email in Webmail and Finish it on my Phone?

YES! Let’s say you are logged into your email account via Webmail. You get a phone call and have to leave. You save your email (or if you forget will auto save) in your Draft folder in Webmail.

You take your tablet or phone with you and when you have time you can open that email in your Draft folder and finish your email. How cool is that!?

What will Sync with Mobile Sync?

Mobile Sync will sync the Webmail (where you use your web browser to login to your email mailbox) Emails, Email Folders, Contacts and Calendar events with any mobile device. For this discussion mobile devices are smart phones, tablets or any portable device that can be set up to use email.

Laptops for this discussion is not a mobile device. You can use your laptops web browser to login directly to your email mailbox and using Webmail to manage your email on the server.

I have NO Idea what I need, can I speak with someone that has the heart of a teacher and I can trust to help me make the right decisions with this web stuff?

You absolutely can. We would love to set up a 15-minute appointment with you to discuss your needs with you. We will listen to what you are trying to achieve and your expectations and give you our recommendation to you knowing what we know, if we were in your shoes. That is the approach we take. Contact us and ask for a free 15-minute web site consultation.

I wish to host my current web site which isn’t WordPress, and want to put it on a cloud hosting server with SSD drives, can KartHost help us?

Absolutely! Not only is our SSD Drive CloudLinux cPanel hosting fast, it’s on a very fast network. And our SSD (Solid State Drives) is state of the art technology. No matter what type of site, if your do it yourselfer we highly recommend our cutting edge SSD Drive CloudLinux cPanel hosting.

I want a web site that I can blog on, show pictures and or products and have a catalog of all my services/products and when I am ready sell products / services off my web site. Can WordPress do all this?

Yes it can! WordPress is versatile, with tens of thousands of apps called plugins for WordPress, you can give WordPress almost any mission you need for it to do. KartHost Managed WordPress platform is optimized for WordPress sites, in fact it is https only meaning all your pages are delivered to your sites visitors securely and encrypted, making a good impression not only with your visitors but also Google. In fact, Google rewards website owners with a  higher ranking for website’s using https to secure their sites.  That is good for you.

Not sure what that means or how to do it, no problem, that is what our Managed WordPress hosting and EZWP Builder hosting is all about, we take care of the geeky stuff so you can focus on your business and content!

My web site I have stinks; I would like to speak with someone to discuss building a new modern web site.

Your website is the first impression of you and your company. Most of the time you only get once chance to make a great impression.

We can help you find that developer you need to build or rebuild your site that will make your visitors want to contact you. All great things start with a conversation, go ahead and contact us and let’s talk about your plans.

Have a Joomla, Drupal, old HTML site. Or a Blogspot, Blogger, or WordPress.com web site and want to have it converted to WordPress hosted at KartHost?

We can certainly help you migrate your Joomla, Drupal, old HTML site, Blogspot, Blogger or even a WordPress.com site to your very own WordPress site YOU OWN.

Take the first step to get the conversation started, Contact us and let us know what you have and we will be more than happy to quote you a price to convert your old site to WordPress. Looking forward to it!

I have Office 365 – will KloudEmail work with Office 365?

Quick answer is absolutely! Both Professional Mail and Hosted Exchange. And work with all your mobile devices as well.

I’m facing regulatory requirements in my line of work, requiring all sensitive information be sent through Encrypted email. Does KartHost have a solution that meets all this Federal and State requirements?

Yes, we do, it is our Cipherpost Pro service we provide our clients. It will work with KloudEmail Professional Mail and Hosted Exchange service and any other 3rd party email service you may have now. And unlike regular email it will allow you to email up to 5GB attachments to any client regardless of their own email limitations. And it works with Office 365.

I’m a realtor and would like to register my own personal name as a domain name and use it for my email, can I do this?

Boy can you! And you will look so much more professional and keeping your name in front of your client’s every time you send them an email. Not only do we recommend this for Real Estate agents but insurance agents and brokers, and any one that wants to develop a following, not matter where live may lead you in the coming years. You can take your email with you!

I use Outlook to manage my email. And I like having all my mail, mail folders, contacts, calendar and tasks syncing with all my other devices. Will the KloudEmail service work with Outlook email manager?

YES! If you use Outlook and syncing everything in Outlook with all your mobile devices is important, then you need our Hosted Exchange 2016. MS Hosted Exchange 2016 will work with Outlook 2010, 2011 (for Mac) and of course Outlook 2016 for both PC and Mac.

My Email is driving me Nuts! Some are on my phone some on my tablet/iPad and others on my Computer I need Help!

KartHost KloudEmail solves your email problemsWe feel your pain! In today’s mobile world you need an email service that can be mobile right along with you. It’s nice when you are at your home or office computer start an email and then have to leave and you can actually finish it using your phone or tablet away from home or the office! In fact, that is kind of cool! That is one small advantage of Professional mail or our Hosted MS Exchange service. All you need to do is let us know what domain name you plan to use for your email service.

I already have my own WordPress Website and would like to transfer the hosting to KartHost.

We would be honored to host your web site. Once you order your SSD Kloud Hosting, or Managed WordPress Hosting we can move your site at no cost. Larger more complex sites do have a small onetime fee to move, mainly because it takes more time. You can also keep your domain name where it’s at, or we will pay to have it transferred to KartHost and get a one-year renewal right after the successful transfer.

I want to start blogging but I want to own my own domain name that points to a WordPress site that belongs to me. Can I do this?

You Rock for taking that first step! And sure you can. We recommend either our SSD Kloud Hosting with a WordPress install and you take care of all the updates, or if you want maximum performance (Google will like you for it) and none of the chores of keeping your WordPress site updated you might want to consider our Managed WordPress hosting. Or if looking for an easy to build blog that you can use as a web site, our WPEZ Builder WordPress Managed hosting is what you want. When you order either of those hosting packages you can order your domain name at the same time. And do not forget your domain name is free the first year!

I already have my own domain name I need a web site and professional email. Can you help me select the right service?

Yes, we can! After you order the website hosting of your choice and your email service we will provide you with all the details you need to set up your domain. If you would prefer we get everything set up for your just order our optional Concierge Service at check out. We take care of all the DNS, MX records and setting up your mailboxes, and if you order Managed WordPress we set all that up for you as well.

I already have my own domain name I am needing professional email service to go with it.

Great, you can use your domain registers or web hosting DNS to point your MX records to our email service. DNS tells the internet email traffic where to send email. We provide you with all the details for setting up your domain for our email service by giving you the needed MX records. You set them and your email will be flowing in in now time. Sound a little too complicated for you, or just do not want to deal with it, no problem, we are on your site, just get Email Concierge Service and we will take care of your domain names DNS MX records and set up your mailboxes so your taking in emails in no time. Just make sure to add the Email Concierge service at checkout.

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