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Register Your .COM Domain Name Here

Register Your .COM Domain Name Here

History of the .COM

The .COM domain name is by far the most popular and widely known domain. The .com is also the first domain name established back in January 1985, which originally the .com was attended to represent individuals, businesses and establishments that were commercial entities.

While there isn’t any restrictions on using .com domain names the .com tld (top level domain)is used now days for individuals, commercial entities, and non-profit entities and other organizations.

In 2012 the number of .com domains totaled over 101 million (101,400,000), far exceeding the the second closest most popular tld in the world.

Brand Your Name and Business Name as a dot COM

This is the reason if you own a business your business name, if all possible should be registered as a .com domain name. For an example, if you business name is Sammy’s Lemonade Stand you need to register
It is also advisable to brand your own name as a .com domain name. Especially if you are (but certainty not limited to) a real estate agent, insurance agent, or anyone that wants to take positive control of your internet reputation.

Suggestion if your business, personal name is taken look for alternative ways to register your name, like starting it out with placing your middle initial in the name, or starting off as “the”, for example lets say is taken, you might register You can also use a dash ‘‘ in a domain name registration. So if is taken you can also try or as choices.

Marketing Tips With Domain Names

After you have registered your choice of a .com domain name, you will more than likely place the domain name on signs, business cards, on the back of your car or truck and other locations will see it. To make it easy to read make sure to capitalize the first letter of each word in your domain name. Example, is a lot easier to read and remember than

No Web Site Needed! Use Your dot COM Domain Name for Email

Remember that you do not have to have a web site or any plans for a web site to get your own domain name. For the time being you can use your domain name for just email. So stop promoting Gmail, Yahoo mail, and Hotmail, how much are they paying you to promote them? Get your own name as a domain name and start promoting yourself or business instead.

Don’t Wait Register Your dot COM today before Someone Else Gets It

Ready to get started? Start by doing a search for the domain you wish. Start Your .COM Domain Search Here.

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