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Register Your .PW Domain Name Here

 Register Your .PW Domain Name Here

The History of the dot PW Domain Name

The .pw tld (top level domain) domain name was originally approved by ICANN (Internet Corporation of Names and Numbers) in 1997. The domain name is actually is a cctld (Country code top-level domain) As of March 2013 the .pw domain name was made available for all to register. The .pw was rebranded as the Professional Web.

Who Can Register a dot PW Domain Name?

While anyone can register a .pw domain name, the .pw domain name is intended to be used by professionals world wide.

How Long can you Register a dot PW Domain Name?

You can only register a .pw domain name from 1 to 10 years.

Does the PW Domain Name come with a Money Back Grace period?

Sorry the registrar does no offer a money back grace period.

How Long Can you Renew a dot PW Domain Name?

A .pw domain name can be renewed from 1 to 10 years, however the resulting renewal can not exceed a total of 10 years.

Is there a Renewal Grace period for a .PW Domain Name?

Most tld’s offers a renewal grace period should the domain name expire and before it moves to the Redemption Grace period. However, the .pw does NOT offer a renewal grace period. It is VITAL you make sure you renew your .pw domain ahead of time. The Renewal Grace period for .pw domain names is for ONLY 30 days. And it is very expensive to renew a .pw domain name after it has expired in the first 30 days after the expiration date.

Can I Transfer my dot PW Domain Name to KARTHOST?

Yes you can transfer your .pw domain name to KARTHOST. All successful transfers will include a 1 year renewal. Transfer procedure is similar to transferring a .com. There is the same 60 day transfer lock after all new .pw renewals.

How Do I Transfer my dot PW Domain to KARTHOST?

To Transfer your .pw domain name to KARTHOST, you need to purchase a domain name transfer.  To make sure you pw domain is ready to transfer please read this KARTHOST Knowledgebase article Is your domain prepared to be transferred?

Can I add Domain Name ID Protection to my dot PW Domain Name?

Yes domain name ID Protection is available for .pw domain names.

Does the dot PW Domain Name have Domain Theft Protection

Yes the .pw does have Theft (Domain Lock) Protection. This is managed in your KARTHOST Customer Center area.

Can I move my dot PW Domain Name from one KARTHOST Account to another?

Yes you can contact our support department to request your .pw domain name be moved  to a KARTHOST customer. Both parties must approve the move.

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