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Top 3 Reasons You Should Be E-mail Archiving

While social media continues to dominate headlines and catch all the buzz, e-mail is still the more popular method of Internet communication. In fact, a quarter of each worker’s day is taken up by reading and responding to e-mail. In a normal 8-hour work period, that’s 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week, or the equivalent off 22 days of non-stop e-mailing each year. Add that to the fact that up to 75% of a company’s intellectual property exists only within e-mail and you can start to understand why email archiving and searching solutions are a must for any business.

What is E-mail Archiving?

Simply put, e-mail archiving is the act of storing and making searchable all e-mail to/from an individual, so that it can be accessed quickly at a later date. KartHost™ has partnered with Sonian, an early innovator in cloud-based e-mail archiving solutions. Cloud archiving creates a “vault”, or a secure storage space on the cloud (i.e. the Internet), for all inbound and outbound e-mails routed through a company’s server via a secure channel. This archive then allows for unlimited storage, saves every message, and makes every message searchable without any maintenance from you.


Top 3 Reasons to Archive Your E-mails:

1. Legal & Regulatory – In case of a lawsuit, business investigation, or audit, organizations must be able to retrieve relevant messages, and there is no statute of limitations on how far back the search will need to go. Restoring this data without an archiving system in place can be very costly. Regulations in the government, healthcare and financial segments require there is an e-mail archiving system in place.

2. Data Preservation and Storage Management – Over 100 billion e-mails are sent each day and that number is continuing to rise. An archiving solution allows these messages to be stored off organizations’ internal servers, allowing server performance to be maintained and decreasing the risk of loss.

3. Search Capability – E-mail archiving allows every message (and attachment) to be saved, indexed and searchable. With Sonian this data is accessible within a matter of seconds.

Want to Inquire about adding Archiving to your KloudEmail Service (Professional Mail or Exchange Service) send an email to

To see why 19,000 customers in over 40 countries, including Amazon and IBM, trust Sonian with their e-mail archiving, be sure to check out their website and success stories!




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Amber Brown

I studied Journalism at Texas A&M, c/o 2005, where I wrote for the college newspaper, as well as the for the College of Architecture's various publications. Upon graduation, I owned a direct sales company and, as the author of my own webpage, press releases and overall public relations, I continuously realized the importance of building my company's brand and web presence. While I'm still learning the technical side of email, website building and web hosting, I have partnered with KartHost in order to bring Roy and Gail's extensive knowledge directly to you, making the information as relatable as possible.

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