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We gather the information and stories that are happening in and to the internet world and give you the shorter clearer versions on how it is or will be affecting your business on line and off.
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Why WordPress?

WordPress at KartHostTime Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, CNN, Forbes, eBay –  what do all these powerhouse companies have in common? At least part of their websites are all powered by WordPress. In fact, approximately 26% of all websites are powered by WordPress. What began as a blogging platform in 2003, has evolved into a mature content management system (CMS) that we here at KartHost LLC™ enthusiastically endorse. In fact, we think WordPress is the best choice for your site, or blog, in most every instance, and here’s why:

  1. Cost (FREE) – that’s right, WordPress web based software (app) is free to download, install, use and modify. All you need to get started to call it your own is a domain name and WordPress web hosting, both available to you of course by yours truly, KartHost LLC™.  And what’s even better than free? KartHost™ provides our customers with a secure install of WordPress for you with any WordPress Hosting account.
  2. Easy and flexible to use – WordPress has an easy and intuitive interface, making basics like creating a new post and uploading images on a regular basis quick and simple. WordPress is not intimidating, and is easy for you to gradually learn more and more as you get more comfortable. There’s no need to learn a bunch of coding and time spent on formatting is greatly reduced, but you still can create professionally looking, fully functioning websites and mobile applications. Now with BeaverBuilder a WordPress Plugin, creating pages has never been easier!
  3. Easy to maintain – With a built-in updater, WordPress makes it easier than ever to update plugins, themes and versions with a simple click of button. Being browser based, you can give several administrators access to your site from any internet connected computer in the world. Being such a popular platform, development of WordPress never stops, which leads us to…
  4. Open source – or community software, means thousands of developers across the globe work 24/7 to improve the system, and it is over seen by the WordPress Foundation.
  5. Create any kind of website – Whether you’re looking to start a blog, online gallery or portfolio, eCommerce store, membership site, or a simple landing page, WordPress sites are 100% customizable. There is also built-in support to handle images, audio/video content, start building an email list, as well as document/file management and you can even embed YouTube, Instagram, Tweets and SoundCloud easily by pasting your URL into your post.
  6. Themes – There is no shortage of WordPress themes, or templates, to choose from to build your site. They are constantly being created, with thousands of themes in the official directory. Many are free, others you pay to upgrade to a premium theme, with an average price of $50. Themes are easy to customize with various options allowing you to change colors, backgrounds, upload content and much more! And for those with html coding skills, well the sky is not the limit with WordPress!
  7. Plugins – WordPress plugins are “bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand functionality of your WordPress site”. Non-techy version – plugins are like apps on your phone. You simply add them to y our site to do something different. There are over 46,000+ free plugins, as well as thousands of premium plugins, which can be downloaded, installed and configured within minutes to enhance your site. For example, there are plugins to help share your site across social media sites, calendars, eCommerce, membership site, directory’s, contact forms, surveys, ones to cache your site to increase download speed for users and to increase your Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)…
  8. Search Engine Friendlysearch engine optimization and WordPress Even without using plugins, the code behind WordPress is simple, which makes it easy for search engines to read and index, giving your site the best chance of good search results. And that is a good thing regardless if you plans call for a large site or a simple one page site. It is easy to use tag words not only on your site, but for each individual page, post and image, allowing for easy optimization and a higher search performance with minimal effort.
  9. Very scalable – Meaning your site can easily grow as your business grows. Start out with a simple landing page, or use the Coming Soon plugin from SeedProd while you build your site out of view from your sites visitors.
  10. WordPress is Portable – Need to move hosts? You can take your site with you, no need to start over and create a new site if you need to change hosts.
  11. BONUS TIP: You have total control of your site – Whether you choose to self-manage your site, or have KartHost™ manage WordPress for you, WordPress makes it is easy to set up your site exactly how you want it. We can help you manage it or we give you the tools to enhance and manage your site yourself, you decide.

revised August 10, 2016


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Amber Brown

I studied Journalism at Texas A&M, c/o 2005, where I wrote for the college newspaper, as well as the for the College of Architecture's various publications. Upon graduation, I owned a direct sales company and, as the author of my own webpage, press releases and overall public relations, I continuously realized the importance of building my company's brand and web presence. While I'm still learning the technical side of email, website building and web hosting, I have partnered with KartHost in order to bring Roy and Gail's extensive knowledge directly to you, making the information as relatable as possible.

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Security & Latest Internet Happenings

We gather the information and stories that are happening in and to the internet world and give you the shorter clearer version on how it is or will be affecting your business on the internet.
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