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Why Your Password to Your Email is the Most Important

When you think of password security, you most likely think: mobile banking, 401K retirement accounts and credit card sites, but what password is actually the most important to protect? You may be surprised to hear our answer: your email password. But, if you really stop to think about it, once someone gets a hold of your email password they have easy access to all your other critical personal sites. Why? Because most password retrieval systems are email based. Once you click “forgot my password”, what happens? A link is sent to your inbox. If a hacker can get into your mailbox, they have access to a lot more than “non-sensitive emails”. They can easily take over your personal accounts. Take a moment to think of just some the serious situations that can occur once a hacker gets into your email:

  • They can change your password and lock you out of your own account
  • They can reset your passwords to financial and shopping websites
  • They can send emails out to your contacts, such as sensitive business information or solicitations
  • They can send spam and malware from your email

Now think for a moment about the increase in cell phone hacking we’ve been witnessing in just this past year alone. Just imagine what happens when hackers gain control of your passwords and your cell phone. While some service providers, like banks, have a two step verification process for security purposes – email and text to your phone – if a hacker gains access to both this is now obviously a recipe for disaster. Additionally, most cell phones leave your emails open for easy access to it each day, therefore it is open for anyone to peruse if they should get a hold of your device. It is critical to change your email password the moment you know your phone has been lost or stolen, especially since this is the account where all the other password changes usually have to be confirmed.

For more information on how to create a secure password, check out our KartHost™ Secure Password Formula

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Amber Brown

I studied Journalism at Texas A&M, c/o 2005, where I wrote for the college newspaper, as well as the for the College of Architecture's various publications. Upon graduation, I owned a direct sales company and, as the author of my own webpage, press releases and overall public relations, I continuously realized the importance of building my company's brand and web presence. While I'm still learning the technical side of email, website building and web hosting, I have partnered with KartHost in order to bring Roy and Gail's extensive knowledge directly to you, making the information as relatable as possible.

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