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Secure vs. Encrypted Email: What’s The Difference?

Sending Email SecurelyKeeping information private and secure on the world wide web has become an increasingly hot topic. With the recent CIA data breeches making global headline news, it goes to show you that no one is exempt from exposing their own personal information, their friend’s and family’s and even their clients.

So how do you ensure you are doing your part to protect that information and email privacy? The cyberattacks during the 2016 presidential election have made 40% of Americans more cautious about what they write in their emails, according to Reuters. Not only should one be re-evaluating how they interact online, but they should be scrutinizing how they send email.

Encryption is the process of encoding a message in such a way that only authorized parties can access it – Wikipedia


There are four basic stops along your email’s route where it can be potentially compromised:

  1. Your Device: Any device you send your email from – phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc…
  2. The Networks: Each time you send an email you make a connection to your email provider (whether that be KartHost KloudEmail,  Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Apple, etc…) through your internet service provider (ISP) Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, etc…
  3. The Servers: The place that physically stores your emails. Most email services store your email as plain text, by the way.
  4. Your Recipient’s Device: Their phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc…

All email sent from your device then connects to an email server via an email application/provider. Assuming you have a secure connection, your email is encrypted between YOU and YOUR email server. This is the only connection that is secure, hence the term secure email. But from your server, your email is then sent to the recipient’s email server and provider, which means your email ends up unsecured and not encrypted.

Every connection in the sequence must be secure and use encryption, otherwise anyone can intercept it and read it if they know how, and hackers know how.


When you send email and when it leaves your email server it will
remain encrypted the entire time until it gets to the recipient’s email server and until the recipient actually opens the email. The idea behind encryption is basically to scramble to the message the entire way through the sending/receiving sequence.

If you are in any kind of business that send personal and sensitive information to/or about your client that could damage your client in any way whatsoever, meaning you could be liable, then you need encrypted email service.

To determine if your business (small or large) should be using encrypted email, contact us at EncryptedEmail@karthost.com or call us now at 832-220-0040 ext. 101

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